Straight From the Water to Your Plate North Shore’s Favorite Seafood Joint

Drop by for a hearty meal!

Scrumptious Dishes and Captivating Ambience

Waterfront Dining at Its Finest

Nothing beats having great food, listening to awesome music, and enjoying a picturesque view. Here at The Black Lobster at Stromberg’s Cove in Salem, MA, we offer exactly that. We take pride in being the North Shore Area’s best Oceanside restaurant.

Enjoy an extensive selection of dishes, especially our irresistible lobster. Our dessert items such as the Key Lime Pie and Turtle Cake will satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also unwind at our full bar and indulge in draft beer and well-crafted cocktails. Just approach our friendly bartender and waiters for anything you need.

The ambience of our establishment is also something to look forward to. We have a dock where people can pull up their boats to during the summer. Also, be mesmerized by an amazing waterfront view of Beverly Harbor at our 30-table wraparound deck.

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